Hardcore since '64... We are the Masters of Sausage!

Sausage Manufacturer

Sausage Manufacturer  | Masterlink Sausage And Meats  - Orange County,CA

Sausage manufacturing is an art that is learned on-the-job. Randy Martin learned from Joe Demes, and in...

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Wholesale Sausage

Wholesale Sausage  | Masterlink Sausage And Meats  - Orange County,CA

Masterlink Sausage And Meats also offers wholesale sausage to larger retailers and food service preparers.

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Retail Sausage

Retail Sausage  | Masterlink Sausage And Meats  - Orange County,CA

Masterlink Sausage And Meats offers over 80 varieties of retail sausages. These include the more traditional...

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Welcome To Masterlink Sausage And Meats

Masterlink Sausage And Meats has been supplying the Fullerton, CA area with quality sausages and meats since 1964. With almost 50 years of experience, we are the go-to guys when you need sausages for your tail-gate party or if your chef needs that unique touch to his new menu. We currently have over 84 different recipes for sausages to choose from, ranging from raw to smoked to cooked.

All of the ingredients in our sausages are of the highest quality. No left-over meat by-products are found in our sausages! Only the best will do. And we personally inspect and taste all of our products to be sure they are qualified for our customers to buy.

We have been the suppliers of superb sausages for local restaurants as well as large retail distributors. Some of our customers include Game-Day Dogs & Burgers and Polly’s Pies; and the food trucks Brats Berlin, Dogzilla, and Tornado Potato, all in the Fullerton region, and Interstate Barbecue in Memphis, TN, Dogz Bar & Grill in Long Beach, and Jay Bee’s Barbecue in Gardena, CA, among others. In addition, we ship our products to the food distributor Sysco, who supplies food stores and restaurants all over the country.

One of our services for our customers is to develop new sausages. Recently, we’ve made sausages that feature kangaroo meat, wild boar, rattlesnake, pheasant, and alligator for our local customers. These sausages, as well as some of the more traditional sausages, have been a big hit with the buyers.

From bockwurst, knackwurst, polish sausage, or beef links to the exotic specialties of habanero hotlink, British style bangors, or buffalo wing style chicken sausage, you are sure to find your favorite sausage from the Masterlink Sausage And Meats.

And if we don’t already have it, we can make it for you!

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